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You can order online using our secure shopping cart, or give us a call at 937-767-4261
At No Common Scents we strive to provide you with the best quality items available at the lowest possible cost. We sell a wide variety of items ranging from herbs and spices to aromatherapy bath crystals. If you don't see what you are looking for within our online catalog, please send us e-mail and we will do our best to find it for you.

Being earth-friendly is very important to us. Our packaging is simple and environmentally safe. We still use biodegradable spice bags. They are made of MST cellulose, moisture-proof, heat-proof and transparent. The base material is 100% wood fibre cellulose. We urge you to place your herbs and spices into glass containers as soon as possible. We use amber glass which protects herbs from harmful spectra - we highly recommend them. They help to insure freshness for at least six months on your shelf.

An explanation of some of the types of items available within our product line:

Aromatherapy utilizes the pores and inhalation as a means to reach the senses. Essential oils lift you up or calm you down. No Common Scents offers bath crystals, essential and perfume oils, incense, and potpourri to increase your feeling of well being.
• Choose a No Common Scents fragrance to add to a non-perfumed product, such as, bath oil, massage oil, lotions and Shampoo.
• For adding to bath water, add 5-10 drops of your chosen Aromatherapy.
• Add a few drops to a potpourri burner and scent your home or office
• Add 4-8 drops to a light bulb ring, as it heats, it will scent your room
• Use very small amounts to wear as a perfume
Essential oils are extremely versatile concentrates. In Aromatherapy you would use only the essential oils when possible. Oils followed by an "*" are pure essential oils made from pure plant materials, obtained by the distillation method. All other oils are fragrance oils. We do not recommend their use for flavorings, unless you have specific instructions; a few drops may be harmful. Please keep oils out of the reach of children.

In addition to our wide selection of pure essential oils, we also offer an extensive line of fragrance oils, that may be used as perfume, added to potpourri, put on light bulb rings, massage oils, lotions, or directly on the skin. (Exception - Cinnamon)

• Florals - sweet, musk, romantic, exotic bouquet
• Fruits - sweet, cheerful, soothing, sensual, encourages energy
• Woods - earthy, musk, woodsy

We have over 45 special blends, which we have developed over 20 years. These are only sold by No Common Scents. If you have a favorite scent, we would be glad to help you put "your" scent together especially for you.

It has been our experience that most of our customers purchase herbs, spices and teas by the ounce. Therefore, we are formatting our site to reflect this trend. We do sell items by the pound, if interested please e-mail us for a price quote.

To help you judge quantities, use the following guide:
1oz powder
1oz roots cut & sifted
1oz leaves cut & sifted
1/4 oz bay leaves whole
1oz tea leaves
1oz 3" cinnamon sticks
1 DR
= 3 tablespoons
= 1/4 cup
= 1 cup
= 15-20 leaves
= makes 10-12 cups of tea
= 8-12 sticks
= /8 oz.
The following abbreviations are used:
W = whole C/S = cut and sifted P = powdered Org = organic

Please note: We make no representation concerning the value or use of any herb or herbal product in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any human disease or ailment.